The family of Lt. Richard James Rendleman offers this website to those interested in the tragic events surrounding the July 17, 1944 explosion at Port Chicago. The letters and book chapter that Lt. Rendleman wrote from Port Chicago provide a first-hand narrative of the explosion and it's aftermath from an officer's perspective.  Although there are few references to the Port Chicago tragedy in Lt. Rendleman's letters from Guam and Okinawa, these letters provide insight into Lt. Rendleman's personality and mindset while serving in the Navy during World War II.

For access to letters and the book chapter written from Port Chicago, press the Port Chicago button on the left, for access to letters written from Guam, press the Guam button, etc.

Original copies of the letters and other war-related materials have been donated to the Southern Historical Collection of the University of North Carolina and the Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial.

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